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Prior to embarking on a new project, we conduct a detailed power analysis to understand each client's unique energy requirements.

After the system goes live, we will follow up to ensure that your renewable energy system meets your production goals.

Once we have agreed on a system design, we oversee the installation and commissioning process from start to finish.

We will identify the right technology, products, and equipment to fully meet your power requirements while conforming to your budget.

True Energy Independence

Our Mission

Headquartered in Central Virginia, P.E.G. Alternative Energy is the Mid Atlantic Region's leading provider of solar power systems, specializing primarily in off-the-grid and long-term emergency backup power applications. Our portfolio consists of residential properties, sustainable farms, homesteads, survival retreats, hunting cabins, and "prepper" properties. PEG's mission is to increase the energy independence of mankind.

At PEG, we take the time to understand each client's unique energy requirements. We offer a wide range of off-the-grid solar generators and battery backup kits. Our traditional grid-tied solar powers systems offer the greatest return on investment and the most direct path to an energy neutral lifestyle. For clients who value energy redundancy in addition to cost savings, we offer hybrid powers systems, which provide the ability to run both on- and off- the grid.

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  • $0 Down Financing
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit until 2016
  • Reducing Your Energy Bill
  • Off-grid Water Pumping
  • Energy Efficient Appliances

charlottesville, va

Maxwell M.

Thank you Maxwell for posting this video on YouTube of your family's 13kW Grid-tied Solar Power System installed Spring 2014. Looks Great!!